Series wins two prizes in Cannes

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NRK’s new drama series about how the oil industry changed Norway won two prizes when it debuted this week at the new International Series Festival in Cannes. Its cast and producers were celebrating.

The series, called Lykkeland/State of Happiness, was one of 10 series chosen from 130 entries to be shown at the festival in Cannes. That was reward enough for the producers and NRK, which were glad for the international exposure.

On Thursday the series also walked away with the prize for Best Screenplay (written by Mette M Bølstad) and Best Music (written by Ginge Anvik). “There were very many people, red carpets, lots of photographers, this was really great,” Bølstad told NRK. “My heart was pounding.”

They’re still working on the final episodes of the eight-part series that will start airing on NRK this fall. It already has been sold to several countries. staff