‘Gratulerer med dagen!’

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This wreath in the colors of Norway’s flag was among the many that would be placed on monuments to notable Norwegians and the graves of fallen heroes on Thursday, as Norway celebrated its most important day of the year on the 17th of May. This wreath was placed early at a fisherman’s monument on the West Coast, where newsinenglish.no is covering Constitution Day events this year.

Local patriots in the small coastal town of Åkrehamn on the West Coast island of Karmøy were out early to decorate their local monument to fishermen who lost their lives at sea. The 17th of May is a day to remember fallen heroes, along with celebrating Norway’s constitution and democracy. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

In 2016 we traveled to Kirkenes, to see how Norway’s Arctic city in the far north was coping with the refugee influx of the year before. Last year we went to Norway’s Arctic island of  Svalbard, which has become more strategically important to Norway, and popular with tourists, than ever before.

This year we’ve traveled to Karmøy and Haugesund on the West Coast, which are rebounding from a few years of economic downturn after oil prices collapsed in 2014. Oil companies have since cut costs and now oil prices are rising again, brightening the economic outlook in areas that always have relied heavily on natural resources from the seas around them.

Constitution Day festivities on the 17th of May were starting as early as 6am in Haugesund, where newsinenglish.no will be covering traditional tributes and the local children’s parade through town. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, we wish all our readers “gratulerer med dagen!” Congratulations, and Happy 17th of May!

newsinenglish.no staff