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Friday, July 19, 2024

Bombing makes Norway a terror goal

Norway’s participation in the bombing of Libyan targets likely will make the country a terrorist target itself if dictator Moammar Gadhafi continues as Libya’s leader, according to Libya’s former ambassador to the US.

Ali Suleiman Aujali told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Saturday that Gadhafi will seek revenge against all who opposed him, and Norway will now be on his list.

“Gadhafi’s nature is to take revenge,” Aujali told NRK. “He will go after his enemies just like he’s going after his own people.

“Those who take part in the military operation are also his enemies. He uses soldiers-for-hire, he has enough money and will take revenge if he survives.”

Aujali resigned as ambassador last month and went over to the opposition along with many of Gadhafi’s other ambassadors. He thanked Norway for contributing six F16s to the UN-backed coalition.

“It’s a considerable contribution for a country like Norway,” he told NRK “Norway is seldom at war, so it’s impressive for us that Norway has chosen Libya.”

Aujali said he feels he now represents the people of Libya and a national transitional council formed by leaders of the opposition. He urged that Gadhafi “must be stopped,” and views the council as the only legitimate power in Libya at present.

“No one will be safe, neither in Libya or in the rest of the world, as long as Gadhafi is here,” he told NRK.

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