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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Northerners have more summer sex

North Norwegians have more frequent and better sex during the warmer seasons of the year than those in Oslo, according to a survey published by newspaper VG.

The surveys shows that a third of Norwegians have more sex in the hotter months of the year, while half of north Norwegians have sex more often. In comparison, respondents from Oslo displayed the lowest results for having sex daily in the survey (6.3 percent), while at the same time residents in the capital had the highest percentage of people who claimed to have sex “a few times a week” (43.8 percent).

Psychologist Peder Kjøs told VG that he was not surprised by the findings because “the difference between summer and winter is even bigger up there, and they now live in a completely different way than they are used to.” Kjøs added that “it is light nearly the whole day around, and that has to be taken into consideration for both desire and energy.” Another journalist, Webjørn Espeland – who has written a book titled “Almost everything about sex and love” – agreed, suggesting that all-night sun meant that north Norwegians would need to “kill a little time.” “There are also many tourists that travel north – it is probably nice for them to see some new faces,” Espeland added.

Erotic novelist Anne B. Ragde also claimed to VG that people from Oslo are “a little more reserved” than those in the north, who “can sit down in a restaurant with few clothes on without raising any eyebrows.” “North Norwegians have sex like bunnies,” she joked, adding that “there is greater fertility the further north you go.”

As for the difference in satisfaction between the north and Oslo that the survey revealed, Kjøs suggested that the issue was “expectations.” “I believe Oslo residents have an urban and different relationship to sex,” he continued, stating that “they have higher expectations than other places in the country, and they will therefore be less satisfied in such a survey.” Explaining the smaller numbers of people having daily sex in the capital, Espeland pointed to the fact that Oslo has “the most singles per capita,” making daily sex “more difficult” but giving “greater opportunities to get a nibble a couple of times a week.”

Figures also suggested that having sex outdoors was common across the country. One researcher, Gro Isachsen, told VG that Norwegians are “absolutely among to the highest in the world when it comes to having sex outdoors,” with 73.8 percent of people in Østlandet stating that they had tried it. The lowest number (58.6 percent) was again recorded in Oslo, which Isachsen puts down to the “few places to hide.”

Views and News from Norway/Aled-Dilwyn Fisher
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