Wolfskin to be distributed after shooting

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The skin of a wolf shot by authorities in Trøndelag just before the weekend is up for grabs among state institutions that apply for it. A museum or other type of research institution is the most likely recipient, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The wolf had roamed around southeastern Norway in recent years and over large areas of central Norway as well. It even was tracked to the forests east and north of Oslo last year but wound up in Trøndelag last summer.

It’s since been hunted because wildlife authorities agreed it could attack grazing sheep this summer. It was located at Agdenes and shot from a helicopter on Friday by conservation authorities from the state agency Statens naturoppsyn (SNO).

Two wolves were also shot by SNO near Sølen in Rendalen earlier this month, after authorities determined they had established themselves outside Norway’s so-called “wolf zone,” where the animals that once were close to extinction can still be protected.

newsinenglish.no staff