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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fox head stolen as ‘Fox’ song keeps climbing

Norway’s Film Museum in Oslo has reported a theft that resulted in the disappearance of only one item: The head of a fox puppet used in the animated Ivo Caprino film “Reve-enka” (The Fox’s Widow). Museum officials think the theft may be tied to the global popularity of the hit music video “The Fox.”

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the theft is believed to have occurred during the museum’s opening hours late last week and it’s been reported to the police. Caprino’s family and employees of the Norwegian Film Institute are taking the theft seriously and say they will gladly advertise for the fox head’s return within Norway and internationally.

It’s considered a treasure from Caprino’s 1960s-era film about a fox’s widow  (external link) in Norway and was the only item missing amidst several other heads of film characters stored in a glass case at the museum. “Someone used a screwdriver to break into the case and take just that one head,” Julie Ova, a director at the museum, told NRK.

Asked whether the theft might be connected to the international hype around the Norwegian duo Ylvis’ hit video about what a fox says, Ova said they didn’t want to jump to any conclusions but indicated the thought had crossed their minds. “It’s easy to look at this as something funny, but you have to understand that breaking into a case and stealing something of value is criminal,” Ova told news bureau NTB.

“The Fox” song, meanwhile, continued to climb on the Billboard chart in the US this week, hitting 13th place by Thursday, the highest ranking of a Norwegian song since the rock band “a-ha” had an international hit with its song Take on me in the mid-1980s. staff



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