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Monday, July 15, 2024

Threats lodged against city politician

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Greens Party has received so many threats from angry city residents that the City of Oslo is reporting them to the police. News bureau NTB reported that Berg, who’s in charge of transport and environmental issues for Oslo’s Labour-Greens-Socialist Left city government, has repeatedly received letters threatening her with physical violence.

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, city government leader in charge of transport and environmental issues in Oslo, has been a target of threats. PHOTO: MDG

“These letters are characterized by serious threats and harassment,” Tale Teisberg, communications director for the City of Oslo, told state broadcaster NRK. “There’s also a pattern to them, and this has occurred over time.”

Teisberg said the city was taking the threats against Berg seriously, “and we can’t accept this.”

Berg herself did not want to comment on the threats against her. She’s known for generally flashing a big smile, but not all the policies and programs she’s championed that are aimed at discouraging car use in Oslo have been popular. Berg and her Greens Party, which won city government power in the fall of 2015, have pushed through various measures from replacing street parking with bicycle lanes, making parking and tolls into Oslo much more expensive, imposing lower “environmental” speed limits and high fees on diesel-fueled cars, closing some streets to cars entirely and, most recently, removing thousands of free street parking places around Oslo.

Taxes in Oslo have also risen considerably under the city’s Labour-led government, following the imposition of property tax, higher fees on city services and much higher and more restrictive parking fees.

Berg has been subject to threats earlier as well. NRK reported that several of the threats have been sent by the same people. staff




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