Fire in the sky as winter approaches

Norway may be heading into the longest nights of the year, but the dark season known as mørketiden also tends to serve up some spectacular sunsets. On Friday we caught this colorful view of the west Oslo district called Filipstad with some of the famous museums at Bygdøy fading into the deep shadow of an […]

Sudden sun shed new light on Bergen

It was a dark, rainy day in Bergen, until a glimpse of sunlight and a rainbow appeared over the harbour – and Anne-Marie Forker had her camera ready to shoot. “It really brought the landscape to life,” says Forker, who contributed the resulting photo to Views and News. Forker, an Irish photographer, says she loves the Norwegian […]

‘Blåveis’ confirms that spring is here

The wild flower known as blåveis is a sure sign of spring in southern Norway, often being the first arrival of the spring season flora. The hepatica nobilis, also known as liverleaf, is common in many European countries, and in Norway it can be found all the way north to Bodø. It was believed to cure […]

Sunset over Holmenkollen Ski Jump

A sunset view of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, seen from Oslo’s northern Sinsen district. After almost two weeks of world championship competition at Holmenkollen, a sense of normalcy returned to Oslo on Monday. As the crowds and athletes went home, the newly rebuilt ski jump remains the capital’s premier landmark. PHOTO: Matt Lato

With wishes for a Happy New Year

As the reds of the Christmas holidays fade into the blues used by many Norwegians in the New Year, we thought it was fitting to feature this photo (taken by a loyal reader) of Norway’s majestic mountain called Gaustadtoppen. It’s a magnificent peak in the heart of Telemark, with trails to the top (now even […]

Kiting in the last rays of sunlight

The sun has now set for the year over Norway’s Arctic areas, but before it disappeared, folks flocked out to soak up a few final rays, so to speak. This man near Tromsø opted for a strenuous, adventurous approach. The mountainous area with its summit on Fløya offers not only a panoramic view over Tromsø, but […]

Northern Lights over Lofoten

A good picture really is worth a thousand words. That justifies simply running this spectacular image of an appearance during the weekend of the Northern Lights (nordlys, in Norwegian, or aurora borealis) over the scenic Lofoten archipelago in Northern Norway: The photo was taken by a well-known photographer in Norway, John Stenersen, who graciously allowed […]

Springtime in the suburbs

Garden flowers are coming out and the garden grass is greening at Fornebulandet, with a view to the Oslo fjord and the dramatic hills above Oslo. This used to be the site of Norway’s main airport, but today large parts of it has been turned into recreation areas. Most grand plans for business development, however, […]

Winter in the city

COLD QUIET NIGHTS. Hands in his pockets and wearing a wool hat, a man making his way through downtown Oslo, past the brightly lit Vikaterrassen shopping arcade below the classic shape of Norway’s foreign ministry. King Winter has conquered  Oslo with the shortest days of the year, freezing temperatures and unusual amounts of snow right […]

Oslo urban autumn panorama

SKY SAILING. An autumn sun about to set behind  Oslo’s western hills, as some of the city’s balloon enthusiasts have started looking for a suitable landing spot. This cityscape was captured from a balcony near Lutvann on Oslo’s east side. PHOTO: Morten Møst