Skier Johaug won on running

UPDATED: Norway’s cross-country skiing champion Therese Johaug has now become a track star as well. She proved her strength and sheer stamina at the so-called “Impossible Games” at Bislett Stadium in Oslo Thursday evening, qualifying for the World Championships by running 10,000 meters in 31 minutes and 49.6 seconds. Several other Norwegian athletes set records […]

Tennis federation in trouble

Norway’s national tennis federation (Norges Tennisforbund) has been serving up nothing but bad news for the past several weeks. Its secretary general was fired, local clubs feel ignored and critics are lashing out at federation officials over high salaries, too much travel and potential conflicts of interest. Newspaper Aftenposten summed it all up on Tuesday, […]

Skiing trophies finally arrive

Several of Norway’s winter sports stars have finally been receiving their crystal World Cup trophies this past week, not on winners’ podiums but in the mail. Their season ended abruptly when the Corona crisis hit hard last month, as did a few others’ careers on their national team. It was already a strange winter sports […]

Sports and summer festivals cancelled

No Norway Cup in Oslo. No “Festspillene” in Bergen. No “Øyafestivalen,” billed as one of the most highly acclaimed musical gatherings in Northern Europe. All festivals, sporting and other events drawing more than 500 people will continue to be halted in Norway at least until September 1, ruining summer for lots of music and sports […]

Carlsen loses but wins fjord view

Norwegian chess king Magnus Carlsen didn’t do so well in his own Chess 24 platform’s Banter Blitz Cup this week, losing to a young rising star from Iran. Carlsen has, however, won title to a luxurious condominium in Oslo with a fine view down the Oslo Fjord. Carlsen, whose sport has moved online during the […]

Iditarod winner stuck in Alaska

Thomas Wærner, the Norwegian musher who’s now won all the world’s most prestigious dog-sled races, suddenly finds himself stuck at an airport departure gate. Nearly a month after winning the Iditarod race i Alaska, neither he nor his dogs can get home to Norway because of Corona virus restrictions. “The last flight you could take […]

Skiing extremists set new records

Unable to go skiing in the mountains because of anti-Corona bans on overnight stays, several overly eager skiers have gone to extremes in the local forests and hills around Oslo. Norway’s Aukland brothers, best known for winning Olympic gold and long-distance ski races, defied officials’ advice to just stay home and instead skied 516 kilometers […]

Norway won’t send athletes to Olympics in July

The president of Norway’s national athletics foundation NIF followed Canada on Monday in declaring that she doesn’t want to send any Norwegian athletes to the next Summer Olympics (OL in Norwegian) if it’s not postponed. NIF President Berit Kjøll, backed by Norway’s government minister in charge of culture and sports, Abid Raja, cited the threat […]

No Birkebeiner as Corona spreads

The Corona virus has “entered a new phase” in Norway, public health officials declared Tuesday evening. New cases can’t be traced to infection abroad, and now even the traditional Birkebeiner ski race has been cancelled to discourage crowds and hinder the virus from spreading. As the number of Norwegians infected with Corona hit 277, much […]

Finnmark dogsled race underway

Neither snow nor sleet nor the Corona virus could stop the 40th Norwegian dogsled race known as Finnmarksløpet. It took off over the weekend from Alta, along with a week-long winter festival that involves many local municipalities. The toughest competitors run 1,200 kilometers with their dogs over a course that stretches east from Alta via […]