Oslo, Trønder folks most eager to ski

Most Norwegians still enjoy heading out on a ski trip, especially those living in Oslo and the country’s central region of Trøndelag. New figures from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) indicates, however, that the classic winter sport has become somewhat less popular in recent years. SSB compared responses for the years 2011, 2014 and […]

Asker hockey club best in Norway

After years of dominance by major Norwegian ice hockey clubs like Storhamar and not least the Stavanger Oilers, players for the small suburban club Frisk Asker could finally skate their way to victory earlier this week. That allowed them to don gold helmets and bask in the adulation of hometown fans. First they beat Lillehammer in […]

Hovland relishes US Masters’ triumph

Just playing in the US Masters golf tournament was a huge accomplishment for the 21-year-old Viktor Hovland of Oslo. When he also won the title as best amateur player he was all but speechless. “I couldn’t be happier than I am now,” he told Norsk Golf magazine when it was all over after a weekend […]

NRK loses rights to air winter sports

State-financed Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) couldn’t bid high enough to secure the Nordic broadcasting rights to large portions of World Cup and World Championship winter sports competition from 2021. NRK has thus lost the rights to air around 40 percent of Norway’s skiing star’s performances, after commercial interests prevailed over national public broadcasting. “We are of […]

Rekdal finished at football club Start

After several dramatic and chaotic days, the professional football club Start in Kristiansand has agreed on a severance package with its head coach Kjetil Rekdal. He’d suddenly been relieved of his duties last week because of complaints filed against him, but Rekdal defied any suspension and turned up to coach the club at its league […]

New conflict hits men’s ski team

Norway’s men’s alpine ski team is dealing with another conflict, after all the members of its health care staff filed a complaint about head coach Christian Mitter. They claim his leadership style is so tough that they’re all threatening to quit. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Tuesday that Mitter is accused of ridiculing and freezing out […]

Chaos reigned around Rekdal

UPDATED: On the very day that another Norwegian football coach won the top job at Manchester United, Kjetil Rekdal was stunned by an immediate suspension of his coaching duties for the pro-football club Start in Kristiansand. On Friday, Rekdal’s attorney said he’d be coaching the team this weekend after all, leading to what commentators called […]

Moe takes over for Solskjær in Molde

Norway’s Molde Football Club has also decided to have its caretaker manager take over on a full-time basis, to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjær who went from caretaker to boss at Manchester United. Erling Moe, who’s been filling in during Solskjær’s absence, now just needs a contract himself. “I’m glad on Ole Gunnar’s behalf,” Moe told […]

Norwegians proud of hero Solskjær

“This is huge, huge for us and huge for him,” claimed one of the many Norwegian football commentators who were hailing the appointment on Thursday of Ole Gunnar Solskjær as Manchester United’s new full-time manager. They all agreed that Solskjær fully deserves one of the most visible football jobs in the world, while his homeland […]

Teams blame field for Euro tie

The national men’s football teams for both Norway and Sweden could agree on one thing after their European Championship qualifying match at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo Tuesday night: the condition of the field was “just terrible.” That was Norwegian player Joshua King’s description after the match ended in a 3-3 tie that disappointed both sides. […]