Solskjær vs Solskjær made papa proud

Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the Norwegian coach of the legendary Manchester United football club, got to see his own teenage son make his professional debut, as a rival at home in Norway Tuesday night. The 19-year-old Noah Solskjær plays for the family’s hometown club in Kristiansund, which faced off against Manchester United in a training match […]

Swimmer could finally celebrate silver

Norway’s new swimming star, Henrik Christiansen, was jubilant after his performance at the recent World Championships in South Korea. He could come home triumphant to a country still mourning the loss of its former world champ, Alexander Dale Oen. No Norwegian swimmer had won a long-distance medal in the World Championships since Oen’s gold in […]

Gamers cashed in at world championship

Norway was well-represented at the first Epic Games’ world e-sport championship in gaming over the weekend. Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen of Tønsberg won the duo competition along with his Austrian partner, Tomas “Aqua” Arnould, while two other Norwegian teenagers finished 24th and 29th in solo play. They’ll all come home considerably wealthier, with Pedersen and […]

Long-distance swim turned dramatic

Organizers of a long-distance swim over the Oslo Fjord were facing criticism this week, after more than half the participants had to be plucked out of the water by search and rescue vessels. “This was more dramatic than I had hoped,” one well-trained participant told state broadcaster NRK. Frank Løke was among those swimming over […]

Carlsen loses on chess financing

Chess experts think Norwegian champ Magnus Carlsen may have damaged his reputation by allegedly trying to influence voting on a major financing issue for Norway’s national chess federation. It failed Sunday night, blocking the effort that could have ended the state lottery’s monoply on betting in the country. Norwegian authorities have allowed the state-sanctioned Norsk Tipping to […]

Critics lash out at Magnus Carlsen

Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen has been playing brilliantly lately, but now even many of his longtime supporters in Norway are wondering whether his success and position in the chess world may be going to his head. Critics are accusing him of both paying for influence over the national chess federation and sabotaging plans for […]

Football women proud despite loss

Norwegian football fans and their national women’s football team are out of the World Cup after England all but rolled over them Thursday night. They’re still proud of making it into the quarter-finals after lots of earlier conflicts, and playing well as a united team. “This is absolutely no fiasco,” one of Norway’s star players, […]

Carlsen shakes up chess federation

Norway’s chess champion Magnus Carlsen topped the national news on Tuesday after he launched and funded a new chess club that sparked instant controversy. It’s entirely aimed at all but forcing the national chess federation (Norges Sjakkforbund, NSF) to promote changes that would liberalize both gambling in Norway and sports sponsorship rules. “This is a […]

Norway prepares to beat England

Norway’s women’s national football team lived up to their motto of being “stronger together” once again over the weekend. After making it into the quarter-finals at the World Cup in France, they’re now preparing to face England, motivated by revenge. “We have talked about revenge already,” player Ingrid Syrstad Engen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) after […]

Football star hopes for quick recovery

Caroline Graham Hansen scored the first of two winning goals for Norway’s women’s national football team at the World Cup in France Monday night, only to injure her ankle after a collision with a South Korean opponent. Now she, the rest of the team and thousands of Norwegian fans are hoping for a quick recovery. […]