Equinor gives up drilling down under

After years of massive protests that also hurt Norway’s national reputation, state oil company Equinor is dropping plans to drill for oil and gas off the southern Australian coast. Environmentalists, climate activists and local surfers were jubilant, even though Equinor cited purely commercial reasons for its decision. “Following a holistic review of its exploration portfolio,” […]

North Sea ‘dam’ proposal not well-received

A proposal by European researchers to build a huge dam of sorts to protect Northern Europe from rising sea levels is not being embraced in Norway. Norwegian researchers propose tackling the cause of rising seas instead. The proposed dam, reported in various media including newspaper Aftenposten, would run for around 460 kilometers from Norway and […]

‘Sell off Equinor’s foreign operations’

Investment funds and analysts aren’t the only ones questioning the long-term value of Norway’s state oil company Equinor. Now a member of the Norwegian Parliament is renewing calls to spin off and sell Equinor’s international operations, claiming they present both political and financial risk and often don’t adhere to Norway’s climate goals. “I see few […]

Svalbard worth more than ever

Nearly a million Norwegians have been sitting through hours of more “slow TV” this week on a daily basis, apparently mesmerized by the beauty and history of Svalbard. Sunday marks 100 years since a post-World War I treaty gave Norway sovereignty over the wild and scenic archipelago, where new underwater discoveries may make the area […]

Norway boosts climate goals

Just weeks after the firmly pro-oil Progress Party withdrew from Norway’s conservative government, the now-minority coalition has registered new emission reduction goals of at least 50 percent by 2030 under the UN’s Paris Agreement. That’s highly ambitious in a country that didn’t meet its 2020 goals, and both climate advocates and researchers were surprised. The […]

Sami celebrate amid climate concerns

Sami flags flew all over Norway on Thursday as the country’s indigenous people celebrated their own national day. The president of the Sami Parliament complained, though, that many of Norway’s new climate programs ignore Sami interests. Aili Keskitalo stressed in her New Year’s address last month that “powerful forces” have been “working against the Sami.” […]

New ‘climate cure’ after warm January

It’s official: January ended as the next-warmest ever in Norway, with nine counties setting new records for high temperatures in the middle of what’s supposed to be winter. State officials hope a new “climate cure” will help, if everyone takes the proposed medicine. Norway’s state Meteorologic Institute reports that southeastern Norway experienced the warmest January […]

Oslo’s war on cars targets Americans

Climate-concious officials at the City of Oslo, keen on restricting cars in the Norwegian capital, are now putting the brakes on a traditional event at the annual American Independence Day festivities in the Frogner Park. They’ve banned this summer’s popular vintage American car enthusiasts’ AMCAR exhibition, and protests are shifting into high gear. “Cars are […]

Climate change ‘is happening now’

It was raining again on Monday in Oslo, where no snow has fallen in January for the first time since measurements began 83 years ago. In the mountains of Stryn, farther to the north, cattle were released from their barns to graze on green grass. Something is clearly wrong when winter seems to have disappeared. […]

Tempers rise in line with temperatures

As Oslo sweats through a “frighteningly” warm winter, its large chapter of the Conservative Party made some hotly contested decisions over the weekend to help reverse climate change. The decisions to protect Arctic waters from more oil industry activity provoked other chapters and will challenge the party’s new Oil & Energy Minister, but cheered junior […]