New oil discovery ‘important’

Norway’s state oil company Equinor called the discovery of more oil in the Barents Sea “important,” when announcing this week that a well drilled near the Johan Castberg field can yield 25 million barrels. Nick Ashton, in charge of Equinor’s offshore exploration on the Norwegian and British continental shelfs, said oil from the new well […]

Glacier recedes by a ‘dramatic’ degree

Another Norwegian glacier has shown “dramatic” signs of being threatened by climate change. The Nigard Glacier in Jostedalen lost fully 80 meters of its ice just this past summer. It was the warmest summer ever recorded in Norway, also characterized by a severe drought. That contributed to how the Nigard Glacier receded to a degree […]

Norwegians urged to ‘be prepared’

Norway’s state directorate in charge of security and preparedness (DSB) has launched a campaign urging Norwegians to be prepared for a crisis. Last summer’s drought and some recent major storms have set off warnings that Norwegians should be able to cope without electricity, water and communications for at least 72 hours. “We live in a […]

Giant skyscraper plan meets fury

Local opposition is strong to wealthy Norwegian industrialist Kjell Inge Røkke’s plans to build a skyscraper at Fornebu in Bærum, west of Oslo. Residents literally in the shadow of the 60-story building are already calling it Norway’s version of Trump Tower. “We are outraged over these plans,” Anne Greve, deputy leader of an organization representing […]

Top management team quits Bellona

Norway’s high-profile environmental foundation Bellona lost its entire management group this week after a disagreement with Bellona’s founder Frederic Hauge. Their mass resignation follows a year of unsuccessful discussions over strategy and leadership under Hauge. “This is all about whether a management group shall function as a group, and a question of how much Frederic shall […]

Electric car owners start losing benefits

Owners of electric cars in Norway, and especially in the capital, have enjoyed lots of benefits meant to encourage their purchase. Many are starting to lose their exemption from road tolls and now the City of Oslo intends to demand payment for using recharging stations that have been free. The cars called elbiler have been […]

Solheim’s travel hits UNEP funding

Sweden and Denmark have both decided to withhold funding for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), after reports about its director Erik Solheim’s extensive and expensive travel. Solheim, a former Norwegian government minister and UN envoy, defends his constant globetrotting and promises to correct any mistakes made. Newspaper Aftenposten broke news last week of a highly critical […]

Solheim responds to the UN’s criticism

Veteran Norwegian politician Erik Solheim is now responding to harsh criticism that’s erupted over his extensive and expensive travel as head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The former Norwegian government minister in charge of environmental issues faced UN employees this week and reportedly accepted some of the blame, but not all. Oslo-based newspaper Aftenposten […]

Climate change threatens Svalbard

After decades of warnings, Norway’s Arctic settlements on Svalbard are suddenly facing more dramatic effects of climate change. Its current, highly visible consequences on Svalbard are emerging just as climate and environmental advocates met once again last week, for a Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco that also attracted Norwegian officials caught between efforts […]

Former minister scolded by the UN

Norway’s former minister of both the environment and foreign aid, Erik Solheim, is facing a severe scolding from auditors at the United Nations over how he’s carrying out his current duties as head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). They’re sharply criticizing Solheim’s alleged overspending on near constant travel and lack of respect for UN […]