Cyclists equip themselves for winter

Avid cyclists in the Oslo area won’t let winter’s snow or ice slow them down. Nearly 3,000 of them have applied for financial incentives from the city to shift over to winter bike tires, so they can keep cycling to get around town over the next several months. “Oslo is really in a cycling boom,” […]

Norway pulls plug on el-car incentives

After years of encouraging Norwegians to buy electric cars, state and local politicians are now pulling the plug on some of their tax and road toll incentives. It soon won’t be nearly as advantageous to drive Teslas, Jaguars and other high-end models if the Labour and Socialist Left parties get their way. Labour had been […]

Fury surrounds new Arctic oil licenses

The Norwegian government and Oil Minister Tina Bru came under harsh criticism this week when they offered 136 new oil exploration licenses in more areas of the Arctic. The move comes while the Supreme Court and Parliament are reviewing the risks of earlier Arctic projects, and it was blasted as being both “arrogant” and “reckless.” […]

High court ponders future of Arctic oil

Opponents of offshore oil activity in Norway’s Arctic areas received flowers to mark the end last week of their landmark case against the state at the Supreme Court. As the high court’s deliberations began, the plaintiffs were cheered by earlier signs of royal support, not least after some harsh closing arguments. The case has received lots […]

Emissions down, temperatures up

Norway has recorded a clear reduction of carbon emissions, down 3 percent from 2018 to 2019. Temperatures this fall, however, have risen far above normal and Arctic ice keeps melting, meaning the climate crisis is far from over. News bureau NTB confirmed that Norway’s emissions, which have risen over the years because of the country’s […]

Oslo on hold for carbon capture

They’re billing it as “the biggest climate project in Norwegian industry ever,” but the government’s long-awaited carbon capture, transport and storage plan could have been even bigger. Carbon emissions may now only be captured at the Norcem cement plant near Porsgrunn, meaning carbon capture at the Fortum recycling plant in Oslo will have to wait for […]

40 arrested after climate, oil protests

Climate activists were out early in Oslo on Monday morning, to demonstrate against Norway’s pro-oil policies and the government’s failure to declare a climate crisis. By midday, police had arrested around 40 people taking part in various demonstrations around the city. The demonstrations came just as another oil company active on Norway’s continental shelf, Wintershall […]

E18 highway victory sets off new fights

After decades of political quarreling, construction is finally cleared to start on expansion of the heavily trafficked E18 highway west of Oslo. A decision by the local Viken County council to guarantee financial support set off new political battles, however, also within the Labour Party. Viken leader Tonje Brenna ended up sacrificing her Labour-led council […]

Norway may finally meet climate goals

Carbon emissions in Norway declined 3.4 percent last year, according to new updated numbers from state statistics bureau SSB. Emissions totalling 50.3 million tons were the lowest in 27 years and now officials think Norway may meet its climate goals for 2020. “These are encouraging numbers and show that the government climate policies are working,” […]

Majority supports aid to oil industry

A new survey shows that not only a majority of politicians support controversial tax relief and financial aid to Norway’s oil and offshore industry. Fully 60 percent of Norwegians questioned do as well, even as a similar number want the state to provide more support for climate measures. The survey, conducted by research firm Opinion […]